North Gila-to-Orchard

Should the analysis confirm the anticipated benefits to both Arizona and Mexico, and if the project is approved by the appropriate regulatory agencies in both countries, construction is expected to begin in September 2020 and operations will commence in late 2021 to coincide with APS in-service plans for the North Gila-to-Orchard transmission line.

​The project entails the construction of approximately 17 miles of single-circuit 230-kilovolt transmission line from the proposed Orchard substation in Yuma to the border at San Luis, Arizona, crossing into Mexico and connecting to the Comisión Federal de Electricidad Parque Industrial substation in San Luis Río Colorado.​

While the feasibility and technical analysis is still under way, it is estimated that the project will
cost approximately $50 million and provide 300 megawatts of bidirectional capability to move
electricity. ​TransCanyon will develop, own and operate the project’s transmission facilities.

The project would provide increased cross-border transmission capabilities and a single low-cost transmission rate between the United States and Mexico, facilitate effective use of existing and future renewable resources, and enhance economic investment opportunities for the Yuma-San Luis region.

​TransCanyon has reached agreement with CENACE, the Mexican Independent System Operator, to conduct a feasibility study on an important international transmission resource – the Sonora Crossing Project – from the Arizona Public Service (APS) system in the Yuma region connecting to the Mexican system at San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora.


TransCanyon is also working with APS to become a 50-percent owner of the soon-to-be constructed North Gila-to-Orchard 230-kilovolt transmission line in northeast Yuma. The North Gila-to-Orchard line is a short but important line will offer great improvements to the reliability of the electric grid in the Yuma/San Luis region. North Gila-to-Orchard is also an essential link in the construction of the line from Orchard Substation to the border.