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Sonora Crossing Transmission Line

The Sonora Crossing Transmission Line is a proposed 230-kilovolt (kV) line connecting Arizona and Mexico between the Arizona Public Service grid in the Yuma region and the Mexican grid at San Luis Rio Colorado. The 300-megawatt transmission line would span approximately 20 miles from the proposed Orchard substation in Yuma to the border at San Luis, Arizona, crossing into Mexico and connecting to the Comission Federal de Electricidad Parque Industrial substation in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.

The line would provide a third connection between the United States and the Baja California region of Mexico. This connection would increase transmission capacity, improve reliability, enhance flexibility and support economic development in the region which is electrically connected more to the United States than to the main grid in Mexico.

Upon securing customer subscription for transmission service, TransCanyon will develop, own and operate the U.S. portion of the project's transmission facilities with a planned in service date of 2027.

Key Facts

Target in-service date: 2027

Size: 230-kV

Length: 20 miles

Rating: 300-MW

Estimated cost: $50 million

Cross-Tie Transmission Line image